Shiny for shiny or megastone

Trading Name: sathosi

Offer: my shinys pokemon

Request: shiny greninja, blastoitite, venusaurtite, or shinys pokemon

Further info:

shyni quagsire?

shiny quagsire for ?

by any

how about nosepass or sansew ?

for sansew? :slight_smile: you speack spanish or english?

english but, sorry for my bad english

ok sansew

what is your trade name

I speak Spanish not worry haha

is nasho0te

so what is your trade name… im online on 2 minute

ok which one is yours?

my trade name is sathosi

I’m ready gogo

did you have something again to trade ?

i have a shiny poliwrath or i could offer megastones. tell me which one you are willing to trade for poliwrath or ill give you megastones

what is your mega stone

9 more left

i can offer delta gardiviorite or delta bisharpite. i could try and get you megastone in a different save or something else. i can also offer a 6iv protean timid froakie or a 5iv dratini or IV stones