Shiny Ferroseed

Trading Name: stances

Offer:only have One ferroseed left. the one shown in the ultraball
2 jolly ferroseed iron barbs, 1 addament Inkay with Infultrator

Request: Other shinys

Further info:

unrelated but is your pawnirad for trade?

regular or delta one?

Regular one

its jolly and deffiant but i mean would prob be willing to trade it

Okay in a few hours I’ll make an offer

Would you be interested to trade your shiny ferroseed for my shiny nuzleaf?

May i ask why is the 2nd ferroseed asleep and on 0 HP?

It’s not. It’s at 1 HP – the zero is it’s HP EV

Can offer up to 6 IV stones for the ferroseed

I can offer a shiny kingdra.

For what Day

Oh yeah for the inkay


Do any of these interest u

what are you offering those for? was it for pawniard

ya i will trade one of them for nuzleaf

yep will accept as well


whats the natures on aigislash and gigalith

How many aegislash’s do you have? (jk i know that’s your last one and you have a honedge left i think)