Shiny Eevee Auction

Trading Name: Dechozen101

Offer: Shiny Physical Eevee with HA and 6 31 IVs

Request: Aidunno IV stones or other offers that I like?

Further info: Imgur link:

=( so sad

I’m assuming you don’t want bred mons? If you do, I’ll offer 5 bred mons of your choice along with 5 IV stones. Otherwise, I’ll offer 15 IV stones along with a shiny panpour.

I’ll offer the one you previously gave me and 5 stones

I’ll wait until more offers are given before I actually trade with either of you, but if you ask me, cheese’s offer of the IV stones and shiny panpour looks much more enticing.

Ok, I’m deciding to go with your offer cheese. Ping me on here when you want to trade.

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