Shiny dusclops

Trading Name: Aminith

Offer: shiny dusclops

Request: delta charizard

Further info: I just caught this bad boy and I chose ever so I never got a charizard if you want it trade me

I accept. Willing to throw in a few IV stones.

Edit: If you can wait a bit, I’ll get you a perfect IV’d Delta Charizard.

K let me get it also its female

You got it yet I got mine ready

I’m breeding the Charmander at this point.

Ah sorry I’ll wait message me when done

I’ll post here.

want it evolved to Charizard or as-is?

As is I’ll take it

Okay, and it’ll be holding an IV stone.

Tradename? Mine is Cow538.

Ok search my name

It says you are not online – log out and back in.

Ok thanks

Post when you’re logged in and you want me to send the trade request.

Ok I’m in

Send the request now.

It’s in

Try restarting your game, but make sure to save before

I sent you a request

It still say you aren’t online

  1. are you in the discord server?

  2. are you sure Aminith is your trade name?