Shiny drifloon with IV stone for non asian ditto

Trading Name: THeboiboi

Offer: shiny drifloon hold IV stone

Request: a non asian delta or regular ditto with 0 or 1 speed iv

Just wanted to ask. Does it have to be 0-1? I’ve been resetting for a while and got a 5 IVs in speed. I’m from Canada

Unfortuneately, yeah I’m trying to breed a shiny Aegislash so the 0-1 speed IV is crucial.

I have never trained an aegislash, i`m curious about the 0 or 1 IV in speed.

The low speed IV is required so that it attacks second in it’s blade form and tanks the hit in it’s shield form.

i see, I have a ditto with 1 IV in speed but is a Jolly nature.

Dude that’s perfect I have a honeedge with the right nature so it’ll work out

Are you willing to trade ?

Trading Name: ArcFOn84

I`m from South America - Region +5, it should trigger the masuda method.

Thank you so much just one sec I’ll get online

Tell me when you are ready.

i sent a request

it says you exited the trade

Are you on 1.2.7. version.?

no 1.2.5

is that a problem?

I don`t konw.

Hold on i`ll try with my 1.2.5, luckily i already have it


Let`s try again.

now its showing your team as empty