Shiny Ditto

Trading Name: bubby7474

Offer: Shiny Ditto

Request: Make an offer

Further info

I can offer any one of the following options in exchange;

  • 3 level 1 pokemon with 5IV and Egg moves plus 2 IV stones.

  • 5 level 1 pokemon with 5IV and Egg moves and no IV stones.

  • 1 EV trained 5IV pokemon with Egg moves (Of your choice, willing to train upto lvl 50 if requested) plus 1 IV stone.

  • 2 EV trained 5IV pokemon and no IV stones if you don’t care about Egg moves.

  • 5 IV stones(might increase depending on whether others offer a higher number of IV stones).

  • 1 level 1 pokemon with 5IV and Egg moves and one Level 70 catcher smeagle/gallade with nature, ability and moveset of your choice plus 1 IV stone.

Note: If you prefer heart scales or PP UPs to IV stones for the above options, I can give an equal number of those instead of the IV stones.

The pokemon can be from those offered here or custom requests.

I’ll take the catcher smeargle, I need one.

was going to offer 7 IV stones

Okay, what nature, ability and moveset would you prefer?

Personally, I’d recommend adamant/jolly(can breed for both according to your preference, jolly for speed, adamant for power), and technician. Dragonify, spore, taunt and false swipe are what I have on mine, would you like those or would you like a different moveset(mean look, soak etc)?

Also I’'m also offering one level 1 pokemon with 5IV and Egg moves and an IV stone along with it if you want.

Hey Bubby if you dont take the trade with Sleepy I can give you Iv stones!

Why do people use draconify? Draconify doesn’t work on fairies, and soak lets you use net balls for a 3x catch rate when level balls don’t have a 4x or 8x catch rate.

Dragonify does work on fairies but it isn’t meant to catch fairy types. It’s meant for those immune to false swipe like ghost types, same as soak. There’s literally no difference in which is used on catcher pokemon between the two when it comes to false swipe, both are used for the same reason.

Other than that, it was just more conveniently available than soak when people first started to train catcher pokemon in insurgence. No legendaries were available at that time, the pokemon people caught the most were from friend safaris and most people trained up catcher pokemon were those interested in completing the dex and hence trained them up around 60 depending on their patience. So it was pretty much 8x catch rate for the required purpose.

ok, makes sense

That seems like a pretty good move set, and for the level 1 I’ll take a Dratini. I’ll might be able to trade tomorrow, will let you know.

Just a note, dratini doesn’t really get moves required for competitive set through breeding, most of those are either TMs or tutor moves which aren’t available yet and the rest are level up moves.

Okay, so an adamant technician smeargle with those four eggmoves and adamant dratini with dragon dance(it’s both an egg move as well as a level up one) for your ditto? I’ll let you know when they’re ready, should be before tomorrow though.

@bubby7474 They’re ready. Let me know when you’re free to trade. (Ignore the moves other than dragon dance on the dratini, it’s parent was used for chain breeding.)

If you can trade now, I can.

I can trade now.

My tradename is sleepy


Got the dratini?


Okay, am ready again.

Sent it.

Got the smeargle?