Shiny ditto plus some rambling

So, funny story… I had just caught that Delta Pidgey at Samsara Cave (my team lacked dark types and I wanted the coverage) and wanted to reset for a good nature. I was hurrying back to the PC to check it (didnt leave an empty party slot b/c I’m an idiot), ran straight into the grass in the Crossroads, and found a Shiny Ditto.

Immediately I knew I had to catch it (full odds!). But it wanted to be a pain in the butt. It transformed into my False Swipe user (Delta Scyther), proceeded to kill it, and then DECIMATED my entire team because it had supereffective moves against almost all of them. Then it wasted all my Ultra Balls before I finally caught it in my last Timer Ball. (RIP all my money :frowning: )
Then, the Delta Pidgey had a terrible nature and @#$%ing Early Bird as its ability (aaaaargh), but at least I got my shiny boi. Was it worth it? Probably not. But oh well, two shinies in a month probably used up all my luck for this year.


nice! gg

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