Shiny Delta Hunter Introduction

Hey all, Danetrix from Discord, currently trying to get a shiny of all the Deltas, currently on six, going for shiny Delta Grimer. :smiley:

See you all around!


You should update this thread with every Delta Shiny encounter you get.

Well, here’s the main shiny file. I have two others with the other starters, but this is the only pic I have on me right now.

Was a touch distracted from several different games coming out including getting very close to PokemonGo pokedex completion (139/142), but picked up the Delta Grimer shiny this morning. :smiley:

Delta Budew is next on the list, but that means getting from Suntouched to Utira, so a bit of a trek. :sunny:

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New file, Sdude. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its called PikaTaxi m8.

Dude are you going to keep all those shinies?