Shiny Delta Aipom at 873 SRs

It is really fun, I’ve optimized my SR hunting so much that I can do 100 SRs in 20 mins.


Were u masuda breeding the sandile?
Probably Not lol

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No. I did not cause I could not. I thought so…

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But I could not trade. I thought I would trade later.

Then it makes perfect sense that u found it after almost 10000 eggs kek

But after getting the shiny, I realized that trade was not possible…

Teach me please.

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F12 and I moved my save file to the first slot. I also mash ENTER until I see the mon then I F12. I mapped F12 so that everytime I press it, the program tallies it as an SR.

I use a controller and I have done that for some major battles where I kept losing. Like East.

Lol good move

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what . i didnt understand…plzz say i am hunting and still nothing : (

I used a program that counts my SRs.

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