Shiny aegislash for a eventpokemon in cherishball

Trading Name: THeboiboi

Offer: My shiny aegislash

Request: Shiny spiritomb, or Zorua or Delta Feebas but really any event pokemon ins a cherish ball will do.

Further info:I’m really into collecting pokemon in rare or event only pokeballs so if anyone can trade me one it would be very much appriciated

Just realized that shiny spiritomb cannot be in cherish ball… I’m so disappointed

I can give you both the Zorua and delta Feebas. My trade name is kryptxnxte

Message me whenever you are online

ok cool im ready to trade rn

Also just a head up i just realized that i evolved the delta feebas

Its a delta milotic now

also can you show pics. i just want it for proof

thats fine

Sure can you also show a screenshot of the shiny aegislash


Can i see the location it was caught (The smiley face page)

Also image


All mystery gift pokemon have fateful encounter btw

can you show me the ivs?

i was aware of that but thanks

ivs of the milotic