Shiny adamant Arcues for some shinies

Trading Name: bbuu

Offer: Shiny adamant Arcues

Request: Shiny delta Ralts and shiny Ponyta or shiny Macargo and shiny delta Clamperl or shiny modest mew (Pick one from the three)

Further info: IDC about the natures

i have a shiny macargo and a shiny delta ralts, you inteested? also i wanna see a pic of the arceus

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there u go

do your pokemon have pokerus btw

i can give them if you want.
can you show the first page too?

Oh wow, that’s a nice arceus.

oh uhh i havent evolved my slugma yet, is that ok?

give them if you can

New Bitmap Image (2)
there it is

i just noticed i evolved my delta ralts into a gallade

That’s ok

sorry i wanted delta gardevoir


i have a shiny eevee if youre interested. its for a mega tho so its lv 120

oh then ok
what’s your trading name btw

k great

gimme a few mins ill give it pkrs

nvm i have a ralts with pkrs ill give you that. My trading name is THeboiboi

k u ready

one sec

sent req

imma send my pkrs ralts now

wait a sec please