Shiny 5IV Timid Galvantula auction

Trading Name: flips

Offer: Shiny Timid 5IV Galvantula

Request: IV Stones

Further info: Like my other auctions this will stay up for 2-3 days before someone gets it.

I bid 10 stones

15 stones.

17 iv stone

18 iv stones And i would suggest it has Thunder instead of thunderbolt, as it has compound eyes.

Well yes, but since I didn’t breed it and the TM isn’t available yet, I can’t teach it Thunder in this version of the game. But the reason it has Compound eyes is to teach it Thunder down the line.

My bad, I thought thunder was a level up move.

@SparkleSkarmory So you got it for 18, when do you have time to trade?

…am i too late to put in 20 stones?

Since I didn’t officially end the auction i guess no. Wanna trade now? I’ll be out of town for a few days and I wanna trade before that. Sorry @SparkleSkarmory

heh, i can’t trade right here right now. maybe in like 3 hours or so if that’s ok.

sure, I can wait :+1:

In that case can I offer 21 :stuck_out_tongue:

alright I’ll wait for a couple more hours. I need to establish a more precise time for my auctions :sweat_smile:

Just give it to skarmory to be fair you said he won originally

Ill give you three stones in addition

Actually you’re right @Cow538 I’m sorry for the confusion I caused here and I’m sorry @Dechozen101 but I’ll give it to @SparkleSkarmory for 18. What do you mean @Cow538?

Want 3 free stones xD

well I cant say no to that :grin: Do you have that many to just donate them for free?

I don’t have as much as others, just as compensation for retracting my offer of 3 stones greater than what you’ll actually be getting

Well thanks then, I’ll trade you the mystery gift shiny spiritomb for your shop, I don’t want it. Wanna trade now?