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δSharpedo Line (Boro)

Okay, this is one of the deltas I’ve really wanted to do. Cuz, c’mon, it fits so well. A Steel/Flying Jet Sharpedo line. It’s brilliant, right? Well, I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I’m gonna toot the :black_large_square: outta this horn. I did fantastically on this one, in my opinion. So let’s get this ball a-rollin’.

All right, up first is the Steel/Flying type Carvanha.

This delta likes to go for relaxed flights, just enjoying the breeze. It often can be found stuck in trees, just relaxing. I’d say they’re pretty airheaded. Bad puns aside, this delta has the abilities Sturdy, Speed Boost, and an HA of Turbulence.
“What’s Turbulence?”
Well, I’ll tell you. Turbulence is an ability that boosts your speed by 2 stages any time you use a flying type move. But, if it’s raining, your speed drops by a stage every turn, and flying type moves don’t cause speed boosts.

All right, enough of that gross wall of text, here’s Delta Sharpedo.

This Steel/Flying type has lost its innocence and now is a hardened fighter jet. It flies across Torren, giving rides to anyone that feeds it. This pokemon has the abilities Speed Boost, Aerilate, and an HA of Turbulence.
Now, is that all?
“I’m fairly sure Sharpedo has a mega evolution.”
Ah, right, that.

This pokemon is also a Steel/Flying type with the ability Mechanize, the steel type version of Refrigerate, Pixilate, and Galvanize. It has a longstanding rivalry with the Eon twins, always racing against them.
And last, but certainly not least, shinies!

And that’s it, I think.

Wait! Poll.

  • Hydra based Barbaracle line
  • Sickness based Beartic line
  • Wyrm based Gyarados line
  • Genie based Mr. Mime line
  • Pollution based Genies
  • Mermaid based Gardevoir line

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Oh ye, poll ends on the 29th.
Yeah, there’s a couple new choices, so have fun with that. Boro Out!


So it appears Gyarados line won! I’m excited to see it.


i like this so much

Noice I think the mega looks a bit to plain though

Flying on this pokemon would feel amazing hehe, great job