Share any experience for shiny hunting static?

How many soft resets you guys took ?

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Well, me being a professional at soft resetting, I can offer you a few pieces of advice.

  1. Don’t focus on the hunt. Multitask so that it feels quicker.

  2. Don’t expect a shiny every reset. If you have a lot of hopes, you get disappointed a lot quicker.

  3. Use a controller. It makes it so much easier.

  4. Get comfortable cause you’ll be there a long time.

That’s all the advice I got for you, but others might give you some more.

Also, it takes lots of resets. My meloetta was 15K


Thanks for the sharing man. Oddly inspirational

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^^ Patience is the key to Static Encounters. Personally I’ve spent more than 60 hours on my laptop Soft Resetting for shinies. It was painful af but it was worth it. I got every shiny I hunted for (besides arceus kek) .

I recommend taking short breaks after like, 30 minutes of soft resetting (one time I was soft resetting for 8 hours straight and then almost passed out lmao) .

In addition , like Fire said, multitasking is very helpful. I recommend watching YouTube or smth while soft resetting. Just make sure you don’t reset on the shiny you were hunting for by accident like me lmao darkrai you’re a bitch

Also, please, if you’re shiny hunting legends, go get that shiny charm first. It’ll take a while, but it’s gonna save you so much time later on. All of my hunts were full odds (besides a masuda hunt I did on feebas) and almost all of them took a WHILE emphasis on almost

Nice advice, although I never take breaks. I just watch lots, and lots, and lots of movies. And I still don’t have the charm, yet almost all of my hunts have been under odds.


I’ve gotten almost 13 legendaries, and only 5 of them were overodds.

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