Shameless Suggestion: Mega Snorlax + Mega Porygon Z. (feel free to ignore)

I just have to plug this because otherwise I am always going to have the urge to. I’ve been up at night thinking about it.

Yet basically Snorlax and the Porygon line are two of my favorite pokemon. I’d love for my favorites to actually get an upgrade and stand up as Megavolutions.

I know it is unlikely especially since someone needs to made the assets and thus it is too much work. Yet I just want to get it out there.

I Imagine Delta Snorlax being one of two things

  1. A Tankier Snorlax who increases defense somewhat and special defense. While giving it a healthy dose of attack.
  2. A Flighty Snorlax: Basically a Snorlax on a diet who has enough points to actually get speed priority.

Porygon Z I don’t imagine being anything too special either other then just an improved Porygon Z.

Though a more outlandish transformation would be to add Fairy type to it and give it Pixilate.