Shadow Mewtwo

  1. How end-game is it? Pre-league or post-league?
  2. What is its differences to regular Mewtwo aside appearance?
  3. Can it Mega evolve? Mega Shadow Mewtwo Y would be really nice ngl.

FYI it will exist in 1.2, here’s a tweet of the screenshot from the almighty suze:

1-It’s lrvrl 120 so i supect is post league 2- Probably gains a new ability and the Dark type, and maybe some stats buff( as if Mewtwo needed some buffs…) 3- That would bo soooooo OP

inb4 it gets shadow type (as if it wasn’t op enough)

Should be similar to the Mysterious machine mewtwo from z/o It is Psychic/Dark , gets hubris, learns tesseract for coverage. (If you didn’t know) @saurabh1997 thanks to you :smile:

I’ll be sure to catch Shadow Mewtwo at the end of the game.