Shadow lucario request

I’m currently interested in having a shadow lucario sprite in my game- since it is a really cool concept- but I’m not very good at spriting, so could someone make one for me?

I hope i’m not being too picky, but i would like it to be black, purple and a touch of red.

FYI: I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be in questions, but here it is.

@JuliusCesarSalad i would love to make the request. Can you give me a specific example?

Maybe like this but a bit more red if that’s ok

i could try

Welcome to the community! I’d be willing to help, but first I need to know: is this just a recolor? Or is this similar to Shadow Lugia/Mewtwo; small physical changes too? I’d like to know that before I start.


more like shadow lugia

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The website calls that Mega Shadow Lucario, so I wasn’t sure if they wanted that specifically.

I’d use that lol

It looks dope

also i jusr figured out ur pfp is reshiram
i thought it was some anime guys :rofl:

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The only anime I watch is Beyblade.

Anyway, I like the concept of that. You can do something with wisps of darkness or somethin @Steelman2004

Take this as a concept, and make normal lucario like this.

Bruh @IndianAnimator i said i would make it.

why cant we all make it


Small physical changes if that’s possible