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Setting up a ev training business

Hi im gonna be an ev trainer for you :smiley:
Give me a pokemon plus the one you want me to train.
Deals: btw random pokemon must hold friend ball

  • 1 random pokemon for me = ev train 1 stat for to 50.
  • 1 delta = ev train 1 stat for 100
  • 1 fully evolved random pokemon = 2 stat ev train to 100
  • 1 mega pokemon = 3 stat ev to 150
  • 1 delta mega pokemon = (custom stats u want)( like how many u want me to put in)
  • custom ( what i want)- (custom stats u want)
    idk if this is fair. so feedback to wanted
    (btw this is a temporary alt of forum user: Derpysaga.)

Now you can give me a deadline but i cannot make promises. i will think of a way to pay you back if i dont reach it. you cannot put a deadline within 12 hourse because i have a life too ya know.

if i do not give back pokemon REPORT ME

Edit: Ill give rare candy or iv item if deadline not reached


instead of pokemon why not iv stone/rarecandies or something

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thats too hard. i like grinding though!! like its a good hobby

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nah postgame stuff makes it easier

I altered it, ok but im nowhere near post-game

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but do u want to @IndianAnimator make a deal?

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wait no not like that i mean we give iv stines/rare candies lmao

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ill make a discount since u gave me ralts if u do

nah im broke

lol then just do random pokemon, just catch like 1. the deal for you is if u give me random pokemon instead of that deal u can get random delta deal you get it? @IndianAnimator i really wanna try.

Lol I run a bredmon shop and no one pays because everybody’s broke

ev train my alakazam and the deadline is 3 seconds because a bitch is greedy

oh, sorry, didn’t reach my deadline now gimme a rare candy or I am calling the manager

pretty sure he is BTZ(british time zome its like 5 for them)

also stop being a karen

I’m pretty sure that’s the joke

the offer ? what pokmon are u gonna give what deal.
And then tell me which stats how many evs into each depending on the deal @Piazziami861

actually im live in florida its because of school cause im in 9th grade

oh ok

i was kidding, i don’t need anything atm