Selene Gym Crash

After I walked up on the pedestal to fight the gym leader of Selene City my game freezes then crashes because “the script was taking too long”. The first time I challenged the leader, I had my delta gardevoire out and nothing crashes, but then I swapped my first pokemon to my delta charizard and the crash keeps happening. Because of the auto save feature after this crashing message comes up my game now loads at the point where the script can’t be read and it’s just a cycle of crashing.

I have version 1.2.2 (downloading 1.2.3) but I didn’t see this in any of the notes about the 1.2.3 patch (unless I’m blind). The message does state that if crashes happen in battle, that maybe that pokemon’s sprite isn’t working and you should change it to “static”. This isn’t a battle but I thought I’d try that at least, but I don’t know how to change that.

Anyone else have this issue or any ideas of how to fix it? (Hopefully once I get 1.2.3 this thread would be null).

I know this is likely too little too late, but I had the exact same issue with an Archeops first in my party. Changing battle scene to off and battle style to set on the options menu after the title screen solved this issue and I was able to continue the game.

I’m having the same problem, newest version and everything. Tried changing the settings on the title options, but continues to crash at the selene gym pedestal with me just standing across from her on each subsequent attempt to startup my save.