Seeking for Delta Litwik/Lampent

Trading Name: Atomic_Spectre

Offer: still progressing main story but what I could offer right now are:

  • Delta’s (Axew, Pidgey, Ralts, Budew, Aipom, Dwebble)

Request: Delta Litwik/Lampent

Further info: This is my first time trading so I apologize for any inconvenience

Delta Litwick is found in Sonata Hills, which, basing off how you have delta axew, isn’t too far from your current point in the game.
So long as you have an oran berry, you’ll get it for free.

Oh, I should have mentioned that I got the one from Sonata Hills. However, the problem was that I evolved it into Delta Chandelure too soon, without leveling it up more as either a Litwick/Lampent, so it could learn Moonblast.

I can trade you a Delta Litwik tomorrow if you still need it

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