Seedflare bug

I’m stuck in abyssal base i can’t use the seed flare in sewage pond thanks for the help

Try leaving the base and then coming back in.

Not working

I will hyu with a person who may know how to fix this.


Hey. So the guy I think has some work. I am guessing he will give you your solution in a while. So just hang on.

Ok. I have some tips. But first some questions. Have you tried seedflare in other places and has it worked? Also was there a pop up box when you started the game? If yes to the second qusetion, that means your save may be corrupted.

Can you help me, too? I have the same issue I can use seed flare but it doesn’t purify the water.

I honestly have no idea. I feel like you might have to restart. I am sorry that I could not help. The only thing I think may help is degrading your save. But idk if it will work.

Sorry for not replying i fixed now my problem on my own thanks

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How did you do it? Please reply.