Seed Flare and partner pokemon are busted

My file seems to be really oddly bugged. Ever since I saved for the first time, my overworld partner pokemon won’t appear. Additionally, now seed flare simply does nothing in game, and mew doesn’t visually appear as well. Is there a known fix for this?

Yeah Seed Flare not working is directly related to your follower sprite not appearing. Have you tried pressing P?

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Just did now. Follower sprite is still non existent but mew’s sprite and seed flare work fine. Thanks for the help dude, i wasn’t aware there was a refresh map function in the first place.

Edit: Follower sprite wasn’t there after the refresh because my lead was fainted, I’m dumb, everything’s fixed.

Is the current pokemon in first slot of your party fainted or an egg or delta koffing or an egg?