Searching for some Pokémon

Trading Name: sapsap

Offer: Nothing that could interest you I think… Pokerus maybe.

Request: Chimchar

Further info: Just a chimchar if possible :confused:

Thank you in advance boys

If you’ve got something with Pokerus, I would absolutely trade you a chimchar for it.

Ok when you want

I’m online now, trading ID is Jaqzz. Just message me here when you’re ready.

Or whenever. I work from home, so my schedule is pretty lax. Just let me know what time you’ll be on and if it’s somewhere between noon and midnight est I should be able to make it.

Edit: I literally just caught something with pokerus, but I can still give you the chimchar if you want.

Hi, sorry don’t see. I will keep a look on the forum by now. Say it to me when you are here
I’m 4th badge so I haven’t so much, but I had some delta via world trade (beldum, feebas) but if u take it just for an egg it would prefer. Delta ralts or larvesta, maybe rotom? other pokemon is like normal pokemon

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