Searching any D-Squirtle/Bulbasaur

Trading Name: OverHeaven

Offer: You tell me i breed it or get it in case you want iv stones

Request: Delta Squirtle And/Or Delta Bulbasaur

Further info: to this point someones should already know me xp i am a specialist in losing time hatching shinies and trading them for pokes i just want for sentimentalisms so in this case i repeat that formula since 1.2 should be very near i think that i want to have the full experience having the 3 starters in team doesnt matter nature shiny ivs or anything just want it for the history mode if i want to make them competitive i get to pokepon and thats all SO tell me what poke you want me 2 get and i get it thats how it works my vacations are finishing so i tell you this you can order a normal pokemon (Not shiny) and a iv stone or just 2 iv stones would be usefull with deltas.

I can get you both, if the offer for 2 IV stones a piece is still open.

I have a delta bulbasaur already and I can easily get a delta squirtle. I’ll give them both to you for 1 IV stone each.

I am willing to give up a delta squirtle for 1 iv stone.

I’m willing to give both for 1 IV stone.

OverHeaven, are you there?

:v bros i have a lot iv stones and both of your offers are cool but dechozen 101 both for 1 iv stone is pretty cool

Great. Can you trade now?

if you are still on now i can xp sorry i was watching anime this forum does not make a sound when i got a notification

Yeah, gimme a minute or two.

dont worry i still have to catch a trashmon to equip him the iv stone

Alright, cool. I’m ready, so tell me when to send.

your trade name bro


sending first trashmon (no iv stone)

Alright, go again… now.

sending second trashmon (iv stone)

sending trade request

I think it bugged. Try not to click outside the window after typing in my name.

Alright, thanks.