Script error

Hey, I just downloaded 1.2.2 and It loads up fine but as soon as I start the game it says the script is taking too long and then it proceeds to crash with this pop up

Any help please

Try to clear up RAM for the game by closing windows and ending background tasks

Nope, that didn’t work:/

Turn off wifi, load game, that should fix this particular issue.

Please help me, I recently downloaded the game this past week and just beat red. I don’t even speed up the game and somehow, after I beat him, it freezes with red facing the opposite wall with the speed up icon in the top left corner. after that the program freezes and it says game not responding, then continues and says the script is hanging. since it autosaved, I am stuck like that and nothing is working despite being on the latest version. Is there anythin you or I can do?