Screen is black

i opened the game… it is a sun icon… and it is a black screen with music. help!!!

Did you extract the game with an unzipping program such as winrar, winzip, 7zip, keka, etc. beforehand?

no it just downloaded and i looked in the file and it had the game file so i clicked it

Alright, well go download one. As soon as you do, right click the folder and extract it. I recommend any of the 4 I just listed.

oh ok but it does not say what to pick it just says extract folder and no options

That should be good enough. After extracting the whole folder and attempting to open the game again, tell me how it goes.

ok. i think the issue was that i cancelled the extract while it was happening and clicked the game. Thanks for the help i will tell you when it is done

oh and one question. Is the screen small like i saw? like, does it not cover the whole screen? cause if it doesnt, that sucks

It’s small by default, but you can make it larger. Unfortunately, you can’t fullscreen it anymore. Just a note to keep in mind: you may come across some graphical errors if you make the game larger.

ok then. the game looks awesome though


it worked!!! thanks!

No problem.


Help me! I also have the same problem. I have already unzipped the file, and even downloaded RPG Maker XP, but the game still isnt loading!(Black screen, music only). Is there anything wrong with the game?

it didnt work