Scrappy vs Diana's Mega Gothitelle

I’m trying to defeat Diana in the 6th gym, but am having a hell of a time with her Mega Gothitelle. All 6 of my pokemon are Lv 65 or higher, so I’m pretty good from a level standpoint, although not EV trained because my computer is so slow that I just wanted to devote my play-time to getting through the game. I thought I had her cornered when I had the M. Gothitelle paralyzed and I was set to use my Delta Scizor with Scrappy to come in and Close Combat her to death! But then it went straight to her Shadow Ball and I got screwed. On the Wiki it says that Pokes with Scrappy override Ethereal Shroud, though, so I’m sad and confused. Am I wrong in thinking that Scrappy should override Ethereal Shroud in that circumstance?

Did you mega evolve your delta scyther?

I am pretty sure that I had already Mega’d my D-Charizard earlier in the battle – if not, that would explain what I observed since the ability changes for D-Scizor when it goes Mega. I’m fairly certain I was still rolling with regular D-Scizor when this happened, though. Incidentally I will never know if I was right or not because of course, right after I posted this, I was able to take her down without running into this problem lol.

Oh yeah that’s a sweet strategy – sucker punch with that kind of attack power would have wrecked her. Fortunately I was able to scrape by with my original 6 (Honchkrow, Electabuzz, Starmie, Golem, D-Scizor and D-Charizard). I’m kind of old-fashioned and nostalgic that way, trying to beat everyone with the same party. I like that Mega Cacturne idea a lot though! Thanks for the suggestion!

If that’s the case, I recommend you write it in the bug tracker. link is ^

@Illcutyouifyouspam I’ve done so - thanks for the tip. I’m new here if you can’t tell haha