Save me!

Trading Name: 500kman

Offer: mew lvl 121

Request: just put an ether on it and heal it, please

Further info: AEST time, in the elite four (nuzlocke mode), doing the no pokemon deaths challenge

how is your mew lvl 121?

also could I see a screenshot of the mon real quick? ;))

im dumb, i meant lvl 115 it was a typo

ah i see
i can do it for ya, do you happen to have a IV stone youre willing to part with?

what about a mega stone i have three

you sure about that? mega stones are once per save, but IV stones are farmable.

how about an ability capsule then? but if you are still interested in the mega stones, I have a manectite, tyranitarite, d.pidgeotte, abomasite

sure ability capsule works :))

trade name is hulaunicorns, and gimme a sec to get ready

k, whats your trading name?

k im ready, trade name is above. also just have mew hold the capsule, if you please :))

and yeah lmk when you’re online as well

is your trading name “above”

nah i wrote it above lol, its “hulaunicorns”

i think it just healed automatically lol

nope i meant the pp, let a nurse heal it and put a ether on it

oh i see, can i just give you leppa berries instead btw? cuz i dont think i have an ether lol

pp restored

and mew is holding a leppa berry (does the same thing as an ether btw)

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