Save files getting corrupt

Hey guys is there a way I can stop my save file from getting corrupt
it is the third time my save file got corrupted and I had to start all over again which is really a pain
I think the problem may be in wonder trade
I got level 112 pokemon when I was in the first gym and then it got corrupted
then 3rd time got a hidden ability torchic and larvitar which made the save files corrupt
can I do something to prevent it or just leave wonder trading

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Have you tried loading backups? You don’t have to start all over again if your savefile gets corrupt

  1. Make sure not to close the game while saving the game (also wait for like 2 seconds if using quick save, don’t close the game immediately after quick saving)
  2. Don’t do any weird shenanigans on your save files, or on your computer in general. Can mess up the game
  3. Don’t hack the game. Can mess up the game’s code ,

Your save file can still get corrupted even if you do all of the above. Then, as Boggas said, you can
try loading a backup (here is a guide )


Thanks got my save file