Run Glitch? Bug?

Sometimes in battle the menu will automatically be at the Run option. I’ll have it be at the Bag and then after using an item, it will randomly be at the Run option. Minor issue really, but if I’m trying to catch something or constantly using items, I might accidentally click before I see that it’s on another option so that is kind of irritating. Also because running, or attempting to, costs a turn. Please look into this when you guys can! Thank you!

It doesn’t happen to me.Also shouldn’t this topic be in the general discussion/question category?

I’m not sure why it was happening, that’s why I posted it. If it was a mistake on my part I wouldn’t have posted about it. The category however, is a mistake lol I’ll go fix that.

Is it just the battle menu? While scrolling through the bag, renaming pokemon, in the overworld, and while scrolling your pc, are there any issues?

I haven’t had any issues while doing anything else, so it seems to just be the battle menu. I’m not sure if there’s a trigger or anything either but so far it just happens when I’m trying to catch Pokemon, right after throwing pokeballs (usually Ultra and Timer balls). It always seems to just move to the Run option too, never any of the other three.

That is weird, if there were other issues, then it’d be a problem of keyboard memory buffer issue and restarting your computer usually fixes it. However I’m at a loss why it’s only occurring for you at those two specific instances and am unable to replicate it either.

At best, try updating the keyboard drivers, beyond that I have no idea, sorry. :confused:

:confused: I see, I’ll try that, but it’s not too big of an issue so don’t worry about it. I appreciate the help though! ^^