Route 15 Steps

On Route 15 when you bike on the trail do the steps count to hatching eggs?

I believe they do @jerewryy


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No problem man

As it’s just normal biking but sped up, I’m fairly sure that it does count. However, if you’re looking for an easier way to hatch eggs, you can use the Egg Hatcher NPC in Vipik, where you can pay them $1 per step to hatch an egg faster for you. It’s easier to grind money in the game than it is to take steps, so it’s a good investment to make and resource to know about it if you do a lot of hatching ^^.

I actually forgot about that guy thank you

Another possible way to speed up egg hatching, more so if you have multiple eggs, you can, in your secret base, create a loop with telepads, just leave the appropriate key pressed with some weight (I used the handle of a hairbrush) and let it go untill all eggs are done.

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