Rough date of release?

Hi guys, Does anyone know a ROUGH date of release for this? I’ve been so in love with this game and I’ve been creating a super team and stuff but I’m curious on when this will be fully released. Obviously I understand that there’s no way to tell exactly but I’m curious as to the date even within a few months roughly. Any answer is appreciated even if the date is being kept secret for suspense. Thanks :smile:

I don’t believe the devs have any planned release dates. They work in their free time with work/school/life taking priority over Insurgence. So it’s really all a guessing game.

ahhh ok, it’s just such an enticing game and I want to know, if i take a break, when i should come back

This is the closest(and currently the most accurate) estimate given by Suze

But don’t worry, it’ll be out much sooner than 2020.

[1], [2.1], [2.2], [3].

ahhh the sleepy hints are real hahaha, well if victory road has been advertised that means that (as long as there isnt multiple elite fours) it’s approaching the end of the story, right? hahhah

Second region has been confirmed for a while though… [1], [2].

well victory road appears to be sprited and it looks like suze is working on us getting mew for the story at the end. so we may get a release next month


Haha well that squelched our dreams XD to be fair i didnt think it would be released for at least 2 months