Rose Crater

I can’t find where to progress here on my first go through of the crater. I tried to look it up and the only post asking about this didnt have any useful information and the wiki doesnt have the full map so I cant find where you go into the next area since everything seems to be blocked by lava.

Tesseract, then heart swap the manaphy statue between the stairs but one tile up. Tesseract again.

Interesting, I havent seen any spots to use tesseract, but I’ll go back and look again. Would you happen to know if its on the side closeset to the Veteran trainer or next to the rich kid trainer. I assume its supposed to be on the side with the rich kid at the rocks.

You can’t bypass the lava, but you can still make it farther by trying other paths. Just keep walking around and you’ll find ways to move upwards.

I think Shaymin misread your post - (s)he’s talking about when you go through Rose Crater a second time.

That doesnt really help though since according to the wiki i’ve fought everyone there already and I still cant find how to progress since they all lead to dead ends with the only exit visible being blocked off by rocks.

Have you seen the cutscene with Nora, Diana, and Calreath?

Oops! I thought you were talking about the second time through. Keep on exploring, you’ll find an entrance with Nora, Calreath, and Diana.

So sorry for how long its been since the first chain of comments, but I was never able to get through that area. I was not able to see the cutscene with Nora, Diana, and Calreath, but from what I could tell based off a letsplay vid I saw on youtube the area the cutscene occurs at is the area blocked off by rocks in the picture I linked. That being said, I was oddly able to skip this part of the game and got the 8th badge in the mean time.