Rock Smash

I decided to try and farm some IV stones because a couple of my Pokemon have horrible IVs for the stats they need (My Crobat has a speed IV of 2 and my Delta Gallade has an Atk. IV of 4, just to give a few examples). Yet in the hour I’ve spent trying to obtain even 1 IV stone I’ve gotten 3 Root Fossils, 1 Jaw Fossil, 1 Dome Fossil, 3 Hard Stones, 2 Soft Sands,and 3 Heart Scales, in that exact order no less. Every other rock has been a battle.

I know the IV stone has a 0.875% chance, but I have yet to see percentages for the other items stated anywhere. Does anyone have a list of percentages? After all this farming I refuse to believe that the items all have the same chance to be found.

The percentages for everything are listed here:

They’re not 100% correct but are close enough to where you can reference them and expect the items to follow the rates that they have stated for each of them.

As there is a 50% chance of not finding anything when you smash the rock, 25% to find an item, and then 25% to find a Pokemon, your exact odds for an IV Stone are 1/28*25%, which is close to 0.875%.

Huh, first time I’ve seen that page even though I did search Rock Smash. But my internet is weird sometimes so maybe I just have horrible luck. Which is more than likely since out of all the items on the list I have found everything but a Skull Fossil and an IV Stone during this hunt.

Edit: Of course right after I post this reply I find both a Skull Fossil and IV Stone.