Rock Polish -- ideas?

I want to build a Baton Pass Mew to use against the Elite 4 the first time (I like the idea of using Mew, fits with the story), and I’d really like to put Rock Polish on it. But according to the wiki, I can’t get the Rock Polish TM until the Holon region (which I assume is after the E4). Does anybody have any suggestions on how to get Rock Polish on Mew now?

  • I thought about trading for the Rock Polish TM and trading it back, but you can’t have pokemon hold TMs.
  • I thought about editing my save file to give myself the Rock Polish TM – if anyone knows how to do that, let me know.
  • I thought about breeding for it on Mew, but you can’t breed legendaries, right?

Anybody have any ideas?

Flame charge or trading mew back and forth are the only options, as far as I can see. flame charge, coincidently, is actually pretty decent vs two of the E4.

You could trade someone else the Mew and have them teach it Rock Polish.

Edit: You can also teach it Shift Gear with the Kepler tutor although that is usually not possible.

Gotta ask, was shift gear intentionally added to the moveset or not? Either way, you definitely answered their question.

I don’t know because Mew usually gets almost every tutor move (gets everything besides Elemental Hyper Beams, Pledge moves, Draco Meteor, and signature move) so it might just have been added to every tutor to make it easier but there are several Pokemon who have received movepool expansions so it is possible that it is intentional.

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I’d never seen Shift Gear before – that’s perfect! Better than Rock Polish for a baton passer anyway.

Thanks for the reply! Flame charge is a pretty good idea, especially if I don’t want to be Taunt bait.