Rock climb locations pls

I just got rock climb, so 2 places I knew to use rock climb were for gaea town and mist island (where there is nothing), is there anywhere else I can use rock climb. Just got it.

There are dozens of places to rock climb. If I tried to list them all I’d miss out a ton. Honestly what you probably want to do is start at Telnor Town and go around the entire region to find places. If the first Pokemon in your party is holding a Cleanse Tag or has Stench as an ability, you’ll get wild encounters less frequently, so with the speedup button it doesn’t take too long to go around the entire region.

And while you’re going around the entire region, it might not hurt to make a notepad of other places that you currently can’t go to because you don’t have an HM, so you’ll have that list when you need it.

Mist Island has something special.


After you catch latios on broadcast tower mission 7,latias appears on that island.Mist Island has latiasite and latiosite as well.

Some rock climb locations-

1.Victory road ruin:to get virizion.

2.Victoy road fire:to get a certain delta.

3.Route 17:To reach GAEA town.

4.Cave in koril town:to get terrakion.

5.Deyran cave:to get frosslasite.

6.Dragon ruins:To geet d.metagrossite ruin.

These are the most of it.You can go to holon where you can use rock climb more.

Also you can go to battle frontier by using rock climb at koril town.

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I recommend to search “Rock Climb” on the official wiki, and it will show every page with the words “Rock Climb” in them.
Here’s the link.