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Robotic delta Feraligatr ( Steel type )

i wouldnt consider it good by any means but i think it is fine
Dex Entry
“The Robotic Pokemon”
Some say that Delta Feraligatr’s laser can fire a beam stronger than a kamehameha.

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Blue/Gray is a great combo; good job!
Yet red and black really don’t make sense on this mon, especially since they are not so prominent.

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Welp, black was put cause I didn’t want to keep the red spikes normal feraligatr has and red, I just wanted to replace feraligatr’s hands with lasers (tho it really wouldn’t make sense) cause it is a robot (some robots have lasers) @JojoBoss247

Cool idea, improvable realization. I have nothing against black scales (kinda edgy, but I love some edgy stuff) but since they’re so dark they bring a lot of not needed attention from the viewer. My suggestion is to add some contrast color here and there (like yellow bright eye or white titanium plaques here and there)

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I can try remaking it then