Roaming Legendaries

If I flee Entei, Suicune or Raikou will I still be able to catch them?

Yes. You can also make them faint and they will still reappear until you catch them.

Yes, you can find them again.

Source: Have run away from them at least a dozen times.

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Do they still sometimes replace Delta encounters?

No. Just random encounters while travelling in the region (I got Suicune while surfing in the Stormy Seas and coming back to the town)

Oh dang I wish I knew that before lmao I used my masterballs on them because I couldn’t save before and my pokes were too strong to weaken them Does this apply for Cresselia too?

I don’t know. Didn’t encounter Cresselia

where have you reached in game?

me ? I did the E4 once and completed the Perfection Quest. Also caught some legendaries.

you can encounter cresselia after completing diana’s quest ie delivering the parcel to persephone.

ok ! I’ll see that most likely today. Thanks !!

And he appears as Entei, Suicune and Raikou do. Just when you need lees a legendary pokemon hahaha.

You could teach your pokemon false swipe and thunder wave, also Cresslia is level 102 so it your pokemon wouldn’t kill it if it’s a neutral hit

please don’t necro post as this was 3 years ago and they probably wouldn’t see this