RMT Mega Delta Typhlosion Team

Just help me out. It’s my in-game team.

Delta Charizard Hasty Choice Scarf 255 Speed 255 Sp. Att (Dark Aura) Sludge Bomb Ice Beam Dragon Pulse Shadow Ball

Delta Roserade Calm Life Orb 255 Sp. Att 128 sp. def 128 speed (heliophobia) New Moon Dark Pulse Moonblast Energy Ball

Delta Thypholsion Timid Delta Typhlosionite 255 sp.att 255 speed (supercell) (When it mega evolves) Thunderbolt Flash Cannon Dazzling Gleam Rain Dance

Delta Haxorus Adamant choice scarf 255 attack 255 speed (Strong Jaw) Outrage Earthquake Crunch Aqua Tail

Delta Snorlax Naughty Leftovers 255 HP, 128 attack, 128 defense (Thick Fat) Wish Belly Drum Seed Bomb Play Rough

Blazekin Jolly Life Orb 255 attack, 255 speed (Speed Boost) Swords Dance Blaze Kick Sky Uppercut Stone edge


You have three pokemon that would benefit from having New Moon on DTyphlosion instead of Rain Dance, so you could do that. If you do, give DTyphlosion Energy Ball or Shadow Ball instead of Dazzling Gleam. If you like rain, you COULD change Thunderbolt to Thunder, but only if you find yourself using rain a lot.

oh ok, thx for the feedback, i’ll use that then

it might be hard for your team to set up new moon or raindance. Typlosion is not very tanky at all and the rain dance would be pretty risky, perhaps have a drizzle user like delta seperior or pelipiper to set up in advance. and while your roserade can take a hit with special attacks its physically weak meaning you can only get out new moon in certain conditions.