RMT Mega D. Charizard Moon/Sand Team

Don’t dismiss this team just from the title. As absurd as it may seem, it works. I have managed to beat multiple teams with relative ease using it. It is a team I thought of a while ago and was breeding for in insurgence. I know my teambuilding skills are my weakest aspect of competitive battling(I, and others think I am a decent battler) so I want to know what I could improve. It’s main purpose is to get up rocks and proceed to sweep with new moon or sand rush while using key walls to cover up weaknesses.

Bonizard (Delta Charizard) (M) @ Delta Charizardite Ability: Spirit Call EVs: 4 Def / 252 SAtk / 252 Spe Timid nature Shiny: Yes

  • Lunar Cannon
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Shadow Sneak
  • Frost Breath

This is probably my worst set. I just put frost breath because it was an option. Considering replacing with sub but from what I have experienced, in this powerful offensive meta, sub is not prominent and D. Charizard lacks the coverage to abuse it. Frost breath is just for ground types which my team does not have a strong answer to.

Thorns (Delta Roserade) @ Life Orb Ability: Shadow Dance EVs: 116 HP / 252 SAtk / 140 Spe Modest nature Shiny: Yes

  • Lunar Cannon
  • New Moon
  • Moonblast
  • Energy Ball

Energy ball is filler and is mainly for hitting bulky waters and to oppose the aforementioned ground type that my team does not have a solid answer for. Otherwise this set is good imo.

Shadow Realm (Spiritomb) @ Dark Rock Ability: Noctem EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SDef Careful nature Shiny: Yes

  • Will-O-Wisp
  • Shadow Sneak
  • Knock Off
  • Pain Split

Paramount in this team and helps to support D. Roserade by burning my opponents to patch up its low physical defense. SS is run over phantom force because it is not much different without the boost and provides priority which helps every team.

Gojira (Tyranitar-A) @ Tyranitar Armor Ability: Sand Stream EVs: 248 HP / 80 Def / 180 SDef Relaxed nature Shiny: Yes

  • Pursuit
  • Stone Edge
  • Stealth Rock
  • Fire Blast

SO BULKY. This might as well be called blob jr. Sets up stealth rocks, pursuit traps D. Charizard and the rest is for coverage. Also sets up sand for Excadrill to sweep once it kills noctems.

THUNDERCLOUDS HO (Thundurus) (M) @ Life Orb Ability: Prankster EVs: 4 Def / 252 SAtk / 252 Spe IVs: 30 Atk / 30 Def Timid nature Shiny: Yes

  • Thunder Wave
  • Thunderbolt
  • Hidden Power
  • Focus Blast

My team was way too weak to water so I decided to add this to mitigate it. Thunder wave helps to slow down teams for mega D. Charizard and the rest is for coverage that I lack.

Gurren Lagann (Excadrill) @ Life Orb Ability: Sand Rush EVs: 184 HP / 252 Atk / 72 Spe Adamant nature Shiny: Yes

  • Earthquake
  • Iron Head
  • Swords Dance
  • Rock Slide

This is to clean up the team. Pairs well with T-tar, covers HUGE fairy weakness, sweeps, blocks electric moves and gives my team physical attack prowess to prevent Blissey from walling it. Also sponges toxics.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Not too in the mood to change any around besides maybe Excadrill and Thundrus. Nickname Suggestions are also accepted.

Edit: After some more battles I replaced Thundrus with special defensive Rotom-Wash to stop belly drum Azumarill and set up livewire.

George (Rotom-W) @ Leftovers Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SDef Calm nature

  • Hydro Pump
  • Thunderbolt
  • Will-O-Wisp
  • Livewire

Edit 2:Replaced Spiritomb with defensive Talonflame.

YUMMMM (Talonflame) @ Sharp Beak Ability: Gale Wings EVs: 252 HP / 248 SDef / 8 Spe Careful nature

  • Brave Bird
  • Will-O-Wisp
  • Roost
  • Bulk Up

Mainly used for mega Delta Bisharp and other fast threats. Revenge kills easily with priority brave bird and is the fastest burner on my team. Bulk up is to beat bulky setup mons like calm mind magic guard clefable as it turns 3HKO’s into 2HKO’s. It also allows me to clean late game.

Edit 3: Trying out this Skarmory set to see if it works better.

Twin Towers (Skarmory) @ Leftovers Ability: Sturdy EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SDef Impish nature Shiny: Yes

  • Brave Bird
  • Roost
  • Whirlwind
  • Spikes

Spikes and whirlwind for fazing and preventing setup. Brave bird to not be taunt bait and roost for recovery. Made to stop powerful dark types like Bisharp and Weavile While also hindering fairies and delta Mega Bisharp. Threats which would otherwise destroy my team. Will try both this and Talonflame to see which works better.

First of all rotom-w doesnt absorb livewire because of levitate. It’s a good replacement for Thundurus though, but spdef Rotom-W is very bad.

You should replace spiritomb with something to patch up your huge weakness to both bulky and fast fighting types. Mega delta bisharp tears your team apart with ease.

Good luck!

Thx for the correction. What Rotom-W set should I use? I just used sp def because I have will-o-wisp to patch up my defenses.

I had Spiritomb just as another noctem source in case mega Delta Charizard died. What should I replace it with? Is defensive Talonflame a good option?

Thx again.

Use max 252hp/252def for rotom-w. Your team is kinda weak to dark types such as bisharp and weavile, maybe try a skarmory.

Ok thanks a lot. I was unsure of the meta besides new moon and have no idea which threats I need to check.

Ya you have a huge dark/fairy weakness as has been already mentioned. Also you have no hazard control, which since the majority of your team is grounded means spike-stacking pretty much ruins you and you lack the offensive presence to prevent it.

I’d suggest trying to go full New-Moon abuse rather than a split between sand/dark. For that I’d recommend getting rid of Thundurus and Excadrill for something like sp.def Skarm (or defensive rocky helmet) and sub-cm Keldeo which hard counters Bisharp and checks/counters most Weavile variants. To that end I’d probably remove SR from Ttar in favor of crunch (any maybe a scarf variant for killing zard/lati’s, though I don’t know how well armor performs so that may be better). Also a rest-talk set on Spiritomb may be best in order to maximize its longevity, since if this guy dies your team is neutered.

Finally I’d remove New Moon on D-Roserade in favor of Hurricane/Air-Slash, hp-ice or hp-fire. The flying STAB hits fighting types harder than Moonblast under New Moon, and hits grass types like Amoongus and M-Venusaur hard. Hp-ice for 4x ice weak mons like Garchomp and Gliscor, etc. Hp-fire to hit Scizor and Ferothorn who could otherwise stall your sweep You don’t want New Moon because Roserade’s job is to sweep, not set up New Moon (that’s for Zard/Spiritomb).