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RIP Reddit


Hey devs!

First off, great game! Love it, addicted, play it all the time. I am sure there were many reasons for the change to a forum that I am obviously unaware of, but is there a possibility of bringing the subreddit back? Personally I felt as though it was much easier to navigate and understand. Again, I am sure there are reasons why that I do not know, but this is just my opinion.

I’m sure nothing will happen, haha, so time to figure out how to swiftly navigate this forum!

TL;DR idk forum, but i’ll learn


On second thought, don’t mind me. Getting used to it already, haha


Not that difficult, it is easy and more tidy to be a forum.


I’ve used this forum software a few times, it’s a lot easier than Reddit IMO.


I mean, now that i’ve had a month to get used to it, it’s completely fine, haha