Reworking the level curve for pre-level 30 in story mode

Hello all! I’ve recently found out about insurgence, and have been having a great time playing. I haven’t gotten very far yet, and I’m very impressed how quickly the levels are surging up, it certainly gives me the impression things are going to get Very Serious throughout the mid-late game.

However, I’ve been finding the grinding to be really obnoxious given the level demands of the areas vs the pokemon that are found in the regions. Basically, besides Sudowoodo and Furfrou, I haven’t found any pokemon recently that are worth more than piddly exp- Which is a problem when my team needs so much. The strangeness is compounded when the local levels are 24-26, and I know there are multiple stage 2 pokemon that could be appearing at this point, but are not.

I wonder if it’d be worth considering spreading some low-grade second tier evolutions (pidgeotto, raticate, bibarel, etc?) through these routes where the level curve sharpens, and any others where that sort of thing is applicable. I think this would really help reduce the drag I’m experiencing where I’m trying to run my team up from 25 to 30 and it’s painfully slow despite the levels looking decent on paper because everything is first stage evos.


get a gyarados ( you can fish a magikarp that’s level 19) it will pretty much kill the first gym at level 25. 2nd gym is no problem since you get access to friend safari before it. Use level trainer after you obtained the safari.