Reward for picking Evee as your starter?

Hi, I have completed as far as you can in this game and I still love playing it, best Pokemon story ever!!!. So after reflecting on my choice of starter (delta Blastoise; I think he gets outclassed by pretty much everything- would’ve chosen Charizard in hindsight, definitely not the shaved ballsack that is a disgrace to Venusaur IMO) I remembered that you get a reward later on in the story if you chose an Eevee, now I knew that you could find one in a friend safari or safari zone so I didn’t choose one; so just wondering what was the reward? and could you find it somewhere else; at the Helios department store for example?

tl;dr: Title says it all

The eevite mega stone to mega evolve eevee when you get to Helios City. You can only get it with eevee as your starter.

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Ok thank again :smiley:

No problem.