Reukra help

i cant beat him. i dont have any experience in competitive or anything so my team and the move sets are probably quite bad but i beat the rest of the elite four so id like to be able to do with this team. my team:
Delta Venusaur: psychic, moonblast, moonlight, thunderbolt
Delta Ambipom: fakeout, shadow punch, body slam, drain punch
D Driftblim: flamethrower, fly, toxic, attract
D Haxorus: crunch, heavy slam, aqua tail, swords dance
D Snorlax: wood hammer, earth quake, rest, sleeptalk
D Pidgeot: drakon voice, dark pulse, roost, toxic
any help would be greatly appreciated :joy:

hi there, so looking at your team a couple thing i notice:

  1. Reukra’s tyranitar gains a 50% special defense boost while the sandstorm is active, i would recommend starting with haxorus or even snorlax here and use a physical move on it

  2. On Drifblim, if you use fly for the turn of invincibility then i can see why, but if you just want to do more damage i recommend using air slash instead. Drifblim has a higher special attack stat than physical attack, so air slash will do more damage and have a 20% chance to make the opponent flinch (another special flying type move will work, i can’t remember if air slash is a tm or not)

  3. For mega flygon, i would highly recommend using either delta venusaur or delta pidgeot, though if you use pidgeot you need to teach it agility or something, no matter what trade drakon voice for outrage (move tutor is in dragon ruins) and trade dark pulse for a physical dark move

  4. Another strategy that doesn’t quite align with what i said in my first point but if done successfully completely destroys the team is leading mega delta venusaur and setting up with calm mind once or twice before taking out haxorus, then stay in on everything and eventually you should be able to one shot delta volcarona once Reukra switches it in

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

thanks a lot for the advice!

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