Return of an old Player

Yo fellow trainers,
Been quite a while since my last post (4 years!)
When last I played the game, it wasn’t even complete yet and I’d gotten as far as you could go. So I picked up other things, life got busy, and I kinda forgot about the game for a bit until I’d heard that Nintendo had tried to get it shut down.

Some friends recently mentioned a youtube channel they watch where the youtuber is designing a fan region with fan pokemon and it got me to thinking about Pokemon Insurgence again. I figured I’d see if I could track down a copy of the latest patch at the time of the shutdown and much to my surprise the game is seemingly alive and well. So I downloaded the latest patch and started a fresh randomizer run and I’m thoroughly enjoying the game and I’m just about to the point I was at before.

So yeah, I’m really happy to see the game alive and well and the community still going strong.


welcome back :smiley:



welcome back!

I wouldn’t call myself a king per se, but I appreciate the sentiment

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Thank you

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Thanks. Good to be back.

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We have another

also shouldn’t this be #off-topic

Welcome back!

Sorry if I posted in the wrong place, I thought the “general discussion” was the appropriate tag.

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it’s ok

I think #general-discussion is in this case.

Welcome back!

Thank you

Pretty sure this goes in introductions as none here except the dems have been on the forums that long.

My apologies for putting it in the wrong place then. That said, what happened to all the old players like myself? Everybody seemed so passionate about the game back in 2016. Heck, they did a contest for people to submit delta species and they had a tonne of participants.

Well some people just move on ig. There are still plenty of members on the discord though, and they may not still be playing the game but they just hang out there