Reshiram's and Zekrom's stones after beating Taen

I don’t have them after the fight in dragon ruins :confused: is it ok? Orion told me that Reshiram is now mine…

You don’t fight them. Just interact with the stones and pick them up.

The problem is that there are no stones…

Are you on the patch 1.2.3? That patch fixed this, afaik.

Not yet, it’s still 1.2.2. I have to update. But I’ve already saved after this fight with no stones around. :confused: Will they appear after the update? Or I lost my chance?

I updated to 1.2.3 way after I did the fight, yet I have Zekrom and Reshiram in my PC so… probably, yeah

Even if I didn’t pick the stones? Was it the same in your case?


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so I’m going to update and check it,thank you.

Did it work?

Related to this topic, I beat taen but could only pick up the Reshiram stone, the Zekrom one I can’t interact with and walk over it

Talk to the surrounding tiles