Requesting help to get pokemon from one save file to another

Trading Name: Delta Starters

Offer: Nothing

Request: Nothing

Further info: I’m not asking for any pokemon, or offering any either. I have two save files on one computer and would simply like to get all the starters on one condensed save file. My plan was to have one throw-away save (Riley) to quickly run through, collect starter, trade to main save (Chey) two times so that I have all 3 on one file. I don’t care about mega-stones or any such thing, so it’d be a relatively quick thing. My plan was to simply do so using two computers I have, but alas that doesn’t work because we’re all on the same modem/router lol!

I’m currently ready to go with delta bulbasaur, then would need a handful of minutes to get Squirtle, and that’s really everything I need. Obviously as such the other traders would be all throw-away pokemon, but it also means I don’t request anything from you except a little time.

I’d greatly appreciate it, Thanks, Chey

If you go on the discord you can probably find someone fast to trade and can sync trading allot easier on there

Very cool. I jumped on discord first (I’ve been hovering around silently while playing the game), but wasn’t sure how to just jump in with my request without sounding rude. XD

Wooo! I was able to get my starters, thanks! <3