Request for Delta soaring pokemon

Trading Name: Kristaps

Offer: level 1 bred delta pokemon with a consistent 4 (maybe 5) max IVs

Request: 1 pokemon of the delta raichu, delta drifblim, and delta wailord evolutionary line

Further info: insurgence doesn’t enjoy running the soaring on my laptop all that much, and with those 3 pokemon not being guaranteed of taking up 1 of the soaring spawns above their respective region, it’s putting me off from hunting them down. the offers can be any delta pokemon outside of battle frontier deltas (or delta charmander, cuz haven’t done azure flute quest just yet)

update: i got all 3 deltas from either discord, or in terms of delta wailmer, i found it whilst i was on my way to settlement alfa to collect the tm for x-scissor

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