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Request For Delta Pichu/Pikachu

Online Nickname: kultothepoweroftwo

Offer: Almost anything

Request: Preferably low level delta pichu, but any pokemon in the evo line will do

I am looking for delta pikachu since ages, and my ability to get to the top of ancient tower with the bike is almost negative

Edit: Got into ancient tower top

I have a level 1 Delta Pichu with three 31 IVs. The nature is calm (-Attack,+Spezial defense) i didnt need. Is that okay?

When we can trade?

right now. just need to take it out of the box

My trade name is Bellisia and i dont want anything Special just give me anything

i am ready just tell when you are.

I’m sorry, im in the middle of void gauntlet, can you wait?
Thanks and Sorry

Of course i can wait

Im ready now!
Thanks for waiting
kultothepoweroftwo is the name!!!

If you see this too late and after 30 min i dont answer, choose a trading time for us, im avaible basically anytime

quarantine smh

Well i have a problem with the time in Englisch like i do not know the difference between pm and am and i dont know what they mean because for example i use for the time only “20:00 Uhr” so can you please choose a time?

20Uhr is 8pm in American time cuz america is weird

For reference:

Thank you. This is so confusing that i think i wil never get it. But this help me very much.

I wake up around 1 pm so i would say around 4 pm if thats okay

well i am avaible rn, so now?
if not 16:30 would be epic

Okay then now

wow, its pretty fast!!!
anyways, thanks!

Thanks for the help, also

I am happy it finally works and have fun with the Pichu . Because i have to try the battle frontier for the Delta Golett to complete my Pokedex and that will be so annoying.

Good luck!