Request: Delta munchlax/snorlax

Trading Name: kshea

Offer: other deltas or other pokemon if I have it

Request: Dekta Munchlax/Snorlax

Further info:

Well it’s a mistery gift right now.

I know. I just want more.

Do you have a garchomp?

I have a delta garchomp thats a water type and level 60ish. can check later if you want

Okay I’ll trade for that. It’s a munchlax though

ok cool. Let’s do it later, though. Right now, most people who trade get a bug and it screws up the game for them. The developers are working on it, so hope for a fix soon. I’ll let you know if I hear the fix it.

I’ve been trading all day and I’ve been fine lol

But I get that you wanna be cautious so we’ll wait if you really want to

Alright. I’ve traded once already and it was fine. Just be sure to save before trading. Heading to trade place now.

Give me 3 minutes

ok. trade name is kshea btw

Ok ready?

ready. whats your trade name?


ok ready. say when


Sweet thanks

This is a haxorus not a garchomp lmao

But it’s fine